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Home modifications for the Elderly

Modifying homes to make them safer and more accessible allows many elderly people to stay in their homes during their later years. For many seniors, living in their home is not only important to their emotional well-being, it's often more cost-effective than other housing options.

We at ABC Handyman Victoria put together a list of small modifications to make your home more comfortable and suitable for independent living. These changes are easy to implement, and they will improve the quality of your life at home.

  • Installing grab bars in bathrooms

  • Swapping out doorknobs with pull handles

  • Adding handrails on stairs

  • Adding a portable shower seat

  • Installing levered faucets in sinks and showers

  • Installing non-slip tape on exterior steps and ledges

  • Adding peepholes or viewing panels to exterior doors

  • Installing higher lumen light bulbs to increase visibility

  • Swapping out a regular thermostat for a smart one

If you want to implement these changes to make your life at home better, we at ABC Handyman Victoria are happy to help you. Contact us at or call/text 250-532-5597 to schedule your appointment!

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