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Tips on IKEA furniture assembly

Updated: May 2, 2021

IKEA furniture is practical and multi-functional, and their prices are quite competitive. Despite all of their advantages, there is one catch. Their furniture assembly can sometimes be quite a puzzle. We at ABC Handyman Victoria put together a few tips, which will help you make your IKEA furniture assembly less of a complicated process.

Furniture assembly Victoria


Depending on the type of furniture, the required tools may vary but generally, you will need:

  • Slotted screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Hammer

  • Impact driver

Tips for assembly

  • Get the furniture out of the packaging by carefully removing the packing tape from the cardboard box. Do not use a knife in order not to damage the furniture inside the box.

  • Take out the smaller parts and place them on a flat surface. Separate the bolts, screws, nuts, screws. Use the boxes that are marked according to the instructions.

  • Turn on the light to carry out the assembly in a bright room. All openings should be clearly visible. Sitting in the dark is not an option as you might miss small details.

  • Use an impact driver to properly tighten nuts and bolts. Most people use a regular Phillips screwdriver but it doesn't allow to properly tighten nuts.

  • Carry out the assembly according to the instructions only, follow the marking numbers of each part and fastener.

  • Always check which side of the part is indicated on the diagram - front or back.

What to do if there are no instructions?

If your box with IKEA furniture does not contain assembly instructions, there is an easy solution. Go to the official IKEA website, enter the article number of the product in the search bar (it is on the product box), consisting of 8 digits.

Then go to the "Assembly instructions" tab and download the online instructions. The file will be in pdf format, and you can print it out for convenience.

What furniture is best left to a professional?

Despite the fact that the Swedish brand has won the hearts of millions of people around the world because of its simple furniture assembly, it is not without complications. The Apartment Therapy portal conducted a survey and identified the three most exhausting IKEA furniture puzzles, for the assembly of which it is better not to skimp and hire a professional.

  • Any of the bunk beds

  • BRIMNES Storage Beds

  • TRYSIL Bed Frame

If you are not confident in your furniture assembly skills and would rather hire a professional, contact us at or call/text 250-532-5597. We at ABC Handyman Victoria would be happy to help you with furniture assembly or any other house improvement projects.

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