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TV mount installation

Updated: May 2, 2021

Do you want to mount your TV on a wall? If you have the necessary tools then this may be a good project to DIY. Read this article for some general tips on how to install a TV mount. If you would rather hire a pro, we at ABC Handyman Victoria would be happy to get this job done for you safely and efficiently. Note that all TV mounts are different, so you should also read the TV mount instructions that come with the kit prior to installation.

Tv mount installation Victoria

1. Have the right tools.

Installing a TV mount does require a few tools that you may already have at your home. These include:

· Level

· Stud finder

· Drill and drill bits

· Impact driver

· Screwdrivers

· Ratchet set

· Tape measure

2. Find stud locations.

Usually, the studs are spaced 16” off-center. The easiest way to find a stud is using a stud finder. Move the stud finder slowly against the wall until it beeps and mark the stud locations with a pencil. Stud finders are not always spot-on so definitely double-check your findings.

If you do not have a stud finder, you can still find studs. An outlet or switch is attached to a stud at least on one side. Tap along each side of the outlet to locate the stud. Then measure 16” off the stud to get to the desired location. This is not an exact method and you may have to pre-drill a couple of holes before hitting the stud.

If some of your mount’s holes do not match up with studs, you can also use drywall toggle bolts. Make sure they are designed to support the weight of the mount and TV. It is not recommended to use toggle bolts for articulating arm mounts.

Some newer buildings already have built-in backing for TV in the wall which makes the job that much easier.

3. Measure the height of the mount.

Mark off the desired height with a pencil. Hold the TV mount against the wall and put the level on top of it to ensure it is leveled. Then mark all the stud locations that match the mount’s holes.

4. Pre-drill the holes in drywall and studs at the marked locations.

Select a drill bit that matches the bolts included in your mount kit. To make sure that the drill is entering the studs check the materials exiting the hole for wood chips.

5. Screw the bolts in the wall.

Screw the bolts into the wall using an impact driver. Double-check that the mount is level before tightening the bolts with a ratchet.

6. Attach TV brackets to the TV

Line up the holes on the back of the TV with each bracket. Secure them tightly with the screws provided in your mount kit.

7. Hang the TV on the installed wall mount

Usually, there are hooks on the TV mount so that you can easily attach the TV to the mount. It is better to have a helper looking at the TV from the side to make sure that it actually gets hanged on the mount.

8. Adjust with level

If you drilled the holes according to Step 4, your TV should be reasonably level at this point. There is always a bit of wiggle room to adjust it if needed. Put the level on top of the TV, grab the TV on the sides and adjust as needed.

Hope these tips were useful to you. If you do not have all the required tools or would rather hire a pro to install your TV mount, contact us at or call/text 250-532-5597 to schedule your appointment!

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